Map Maker Resource Kit

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Map Maker Resource Kit

Worldbuilding Colab
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Start drawing a map and build your own world with the Map Maker Resource Kit.

Currently the following is included in the kit:

  • 1x World Map Tile (Printable jpg)
  • 1x Region Map Tile (Printable jpg)
  • 1x Map 1 (Printable jpg)

Map print 1 can be used either as a quick start map if you need to get an RPG up and running or to practice your map design skills.

Also each map has a space at the bottom for a legend or notes and space at the top for a title.

About The Map Maker Resource Kit

To give you a helping hand I've created a new map paper pack that includes 2 map paper styles. You'll also find the outline of a map ready for you to practice your cartography.

These sheets of map paper will produce great hand outs for your players if your a games master. Or they're great for printing out and including in your world bible if you're an author.

This is a new product so I'll be developing and improving it over the coming months. Anyone who buys the map pack today will receive the updates free of charge. And your feedback will shape what gets added.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll Get:

World/Continent Map Paper
Regional/City Map Paper
Demo Map 1
Help File
1.26 MB
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